Providing A Bed for Every Head

By Janae Hudson

In 2021, Jason Christensen launched Sleep Trailer, LLC in hopes of being a solution for housing insecurity in his community in Albany, Oregon. 

Inspired by Japanese capsule hotels, Sleep Trailer is a two-story, compact transitional housing shelter that allows people to store their belongings, sleep safely and have a space to call their own as they regain stability. Each trailer is 7.8-feet long and offers air conditioning, heating, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, large windows, emergency exits and four vents for airflow. Pets are also welcome at the pods. Christensen’s trailers also allow customizations such as rugs, mats and and other decorations. While Sleep Trailers was founded to be a temporary solution for those seeking affordable housing, they can also be used to support emergency and disaster relief, rehabilitation programs, women’s shelters, migrant workers and others that may need shelter in the Albany area and beyond.

After one of his Tik Toks that introduced his new business went viral and amassed over 3 million views, Christensen saw that other people shared the same concern for others as he did. His comments were flooded with people praising his efforts and wondering how the trailers could become available in their communities. With the overall awareness of Sleep Trailers growing along with Christensen’s plans to expand the concept, Sleep Trailers could potentially be one of the solutions to reduce homelessness across the country. 

Christensen contributed his passion for establishing Sleep Trailer to Oregon’s growing homeless population. This also highlights the ongoing crisis in the country. An estimated 3.7 million people reported they were facing eviction and late on rent payments after the federal eviction moratorium ended in 2021 according to the US Census Bureau. Due to lack of affordability, rising unemployment and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, housing insecurity shows no signs of slowing.

While the housing insecurity crisis is being resolved, organizations like Sleep Trailer provide temporary answers for people in need of help.   

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