One Message with The Power to Change a Life

By: Christina Hunt

This week we are shining the spotlight on a young and inspiring woman, Sadie Robertson. Sadie Robertson is an author, actor, mother, public speaker and so much more. She is well known for her engaging smile and energetic personality, but there is far more to her than that. “My passion is to speak, to write, to encourage,” says Sadie.

Through publishing six books and traveling around the country to motivationally speak, Sadie has directly impacted thousands of people in this world. Sadie is the daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson, who are famous stars from A&E’s Duck Dynasty. From a very young age, Sadie had a lot of eyes on her, but unlike most people, she used this large following to achieve her mission and her purpose. Sadie credits God for all her accomplishments along her journey and is continuously seeking ways to help the people in this world, more specifically, younger people like me. Sadie has fully embraced her role as a light in an oft-dark world by sharing her message. Sadie says, “I want to share my message because if it can help somebody it’s worth it. That’s just who I am. That’s just what I believe.”

In February of 2020, Sadie published a New York Times bestselling book titled Live. Sadie’s book addresses life’s heaviest matters and choices in biblical, practical, and fun ways, leading readers to engage with God’s truth and light in a world that is growing more and more confusing. This book highlights the massive difference between being alive and knowing how to truly live. “To be alive is something that happens to you, but to truly live is something you get to choose each day,” Sadie says. Sadie’s work inspires people all over the world to thrive in the life that God gave us, by making choices that will lead us into the fullness He has instore for us. Through all of life’s challenges, it can be very easy to turn to worldly things that will only temporarily sustain you. Moments of decision greet us daily, whether they are minor or major, and serve as steppingstones to all of life’s greatness and beauty or to all the world’s emptiness and disappointment.

Sadie shows the world how to find a rich and rewarding life through revealing her struggles and imperfections. Sadie uncovers her personal journey, including both ups and downs, and how challenging it was to accept her purpose and act on it. She describes the courage, confidence, passion it takes to stand up for something that everyone may not align with. Her journey was not simple and easy, but rather, complicated, intimidating, confusing and extremely challenging. In the digital world that we live in today, people rarely reveal their flaws and often depict their lives as ‘perfect,’ as we see on social media, but the hard truth is that a perfect life is not achievable. Sadie inspires my generation and other generations through her vulnerability and strength.

Along with being a New York Times bestselling author, Sadie travels around the country on The Live Original Tour, a tour named after one of her books. This tour was not only a way for her to travel from city-to-city sharing her message, but also an opportunity to raise money to build a dormitory that provided 60 girls with a home in Uganda. Sadie’s work is unlimited. She uses any talent, resource, or gift from God to help others all over the world in any way she can.

Sadie is an inspiring, tough, driven, and brave young woman for so many people in the world to look up to, and they do. I am one of them and I do not only look up to her, but I also thank her for changing my life. She enlightened me on a new way to think of life, the pretty and the ugly. When I picked her book off the shelf, I never imagined it would change my life. In fact, I do not think I thought any book could ever do that, but I was wrong. My outlook on my entire life: my talents, my gifts, my flaws, my struggles, my achievements, and my opportunity to truly live has positively changed forever. She changed my life. She changes so many lives. Sadie Robertson is truly a hero.