The Importance of Music and Arts in our Communities

By: Charrise Bonner

Music and arts are the backbone of communities. Not only does music bring people together, but it brings a sense of cultural appreciation, fulfillment, and student engagement. Many communities benefit from artistic and musical events and performances. Explore the musical journey of North Nashville at the 2022 Jefferson Street Jazz and Blues Festival at Fisk University on July 23, 2022.

Communities with an abundance of arts and music programs tend to have a more positive impact and greater cultural appreciation Many students with music programs in their school can get college scholarships for the arts. There are always Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) recruiters, particularly in the music department, seeking potential band and vocal majors to add to their program. Tennessee State University student Katelyn Johnson, former band member of Aristocrat of Bands (AOB) shared thoughts on the band, “I think the performance of Tennessee State University’s marching band is a part of the culture and influences the pride of its local community. It provides educational opportunities for youth throughout the nation by providing scholarships, influencing others to join musical institutions based on its own merit in hopes to be a part of an organization such as the Aristocrat of Bands.”

From elementary to higher level education, student engagement is very important for a successful class and education. Since humans are naturally creative, it’s important to have arts and music integrated in the educational system. Christal Bonner is a special education teacher who uses music and other creative outlets to teach her classes, including singing a song to help students learn geography. Mrs. Bonner says, “My students love going to the music and art room where they are given the opportunity to learn, explore, and express themselves under the guidance and leadership of trained artists and musicians.”

Art and music therapy are both considered assisted health professions, where the use of music and art helps one to accomplish their goals. Different genres of music, like classical, have been proven to improve sleep and concentration in individuals. Classical and acoustic sounds also help to ease tension and aid in relaxation.

Gospel artist Kourtney Kilpatrick says, “Music is a part of everyone’s life. Being able to perform what comes from the inside as a form of expression, has allowed me to release certain thoughts and feelings instead of allowing things to boil up and explode. It has allowed others to see my heart.”

The impact of music and arts in our community is simply a chain reaction. When one does great, many others follow that greatness, given the continued opportunity to follow in positive footsteps.