Nashville Is Not Just Country Music

Nashville is Not Just Country Music

By Jailen Leavell

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on an organization helping artists navigate the music industry. There’s no shortage of great rap and R&B acts in Nashville. And the owners of Nashville is Not Just Country Music are setting out to prove it. 

Thalia Ewing and Jamila McCarley, also known as Muziqueen and Mimi, are the founders of Nashville is Not Just Country Music. “We believe a light shined on country music for a long time in Nashville, but we want to shine the light on other genres of talent in our city. The world should know there is more to Nashville than country music,” says Ewing. 

The organization focuses on networking, collaboration and business knowledge. “The goal was to bridge the gap between the voiceless urban music community and the businesses on Music Row,” says McCarley. Before COVID-19, the organization promoted networking by hosting mixers and writers’ rounds. Now the owners are turning to social media to help spread the word about their cause. “Since the tornado and COVID-19, our mission has been fueled and we view it as motivation. We are taking an approach to be more creative and use social media to continue our mission in a digital realm to educate our audiences,” says Ewing.

Muziqueen and Mimi have been working on this dream since 2014. The goal is to put urban artists in the same place at the same time to allow them to connect. The organization has provided placement opportunities for artists such as 2’Live Bre, Marcus Pendleton, Tahne, and Derek Minor. “This organization is powerful and these queens, operating this movement in our community, are creating change in the music scene here. I’m so thankful to have this organization in my corner and also to see them push the urban awareness in a place where many creative African Americans do not get seen is major,” 2’Live Bre.

Nashville is Not Just Country Music is dedicated to providing education, networking, performance, and career advancement opportunities for urban music artists. “If you educate yourself properly and have the knowledge, all you need is an opportunity to apply it. The objective of Nashville is Not Just Country Music is to provide the business aspect for their artist,” says Ewing. They plan to continue helping artists through community, resources and education.